Duck! Rabbit! Duck! - 1953

Daffy and Bugs
    Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd

    October 3, 1953

    Directed by Chuck Jones - Story by Michael Maltese - Animation by Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughan, Richard Thompson, and Abe Levitow - Layouts by Maurice Noble - Backgrounds by Philip DeGuard - Voice Characterization by Mel Blanc - Musical Direction by Carl Stalling

    The third in the trilogy which includes Rabbit Fire and Rabbit Seasoning, this cartoon takes place in the snow and featuring the greatest number of "seasons" on record: dirty skunk, pigeon, mongoose, and, of course, baseball.
Best Moment:
    Daffy finally loses it, and Elmer is terribly confused. Bugs Bunny comes out of his hole dressed as the game warden. Elmer implores him, "Can you tell us what season it wea-wee is?" Bugs' helpful answer: "Why soitenly, my boy. It's baseball season!" He tosses out a ball, which Elmer proceeds to fire at.


Courtesy "Bugs Bunny: Fifty Years and Only One Grey Hare" by Joe Adamson, New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1990
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